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We are delighted that we get superb feedback from our participants. Here are some of the comments we received from 2019

“It has been a huge privilege to seek and receive not only in-depth insight into cutting edge science from world-leading experts, but also wisdom on important social matters such as equality in science, strategic planning for personal life and career success, and shaping the future for safe, ethical stem cell therapy. The best part is that I got to create lasting relationships with peers and mentors on this unforgettable paradise. The whole event was very well organised...a huge thanks to the organising team, Jenny, Sally, Kim and Austin for ensuring that every thing ran smoothly and adapting to every situation to ensure we were comfortable, had opportunities to meet lecturers, and even organising spontaneous sessions on request.”

“Very organized and well planned. Every single talk was of very high quality. The environment was very open to interesting discussions. I believe that Hydra summer school is an absolute inspiration for young scientists to pursue an academic career in stem cell research.”

"Taking part in Hydra is a huge privilege. The faculty members are role-models that any PhD student or postdoc looks up to. To gather such brilliant people in one place is remarkable. I believe that no participant in the summer school leaves Hydra unchanged. This is a unique opportunity that has, in my opinion, the power to inspire young students and help shape their career."

"Very well organized. Faculty were very open and available for discussions. All lectures were really high-level and touching upon overall discussions on stem cells and regulations. Good mix of lectures, discussions and inspirational sessions. The small island makes you interact and explore together. Highly recommended summer school."

"Lovely island. The remoteness was conducive to interaction. This is a truly special event that should be supported. It is a fantastic experience for trainees and faculty alike."

“Really great programme, learned a lot. Great opportunity to interact with speakers during and out of sessions. Great question sessions.”

“This course has immensely helped boost my confidence. Being able to talk to peers and experts in the stem cell field and feeling comfortable to be able to debate and engage with them was an absolute priviledge.”

“Hydra XIV was probably the best experience during my PhD. It gave me the motivation I needed and inspired me. The quality of the talks, led by top scientists in the field, boosted my couriosity and increased my knowledge. It was a unique occasion to meet new people and I am sure the network I have created at Hydra will be long lasting. The environment is very relaxed and helps anyone to speak up and get involved. The island is such an amazing place which I think helps making all this possible. Great, thanks!!!”

"This summer school exceeded all my expectations. The faculty was very available for discussions and questions. The location is absolutely amazing and encourages people to network. I met a lot of great and smart people with whom I had interesting discussions and also a lot of laughs. I hot a lot of input on my project. Would highly recommend this summer school!"

“It was one of the best experiences I had during my academic lifetime. Hydra Summer School provides a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about the cutting-edge research in stem cell field in a friendly environment where you can closely interact and communicate with the best Principal Investigators and Professors from famous Institutes.”

“Perfect organization. Great opportunities for interaction. Outstanding faculty in general, mind-blowing that so many leaders in the field came. Tons of time to approach students and faculty during sessions or with a beer. Venue was amazing. Keep it going, this course is legend within stem cell scientists – for a reason!”

"I would never have imagined that a summer school can be so inspiring, educational and fun. I have learned so much during this week and gained a better understanding of the stem cell field. I had many interactions with faculty and students which benefited me in hugely on both a professional and personal level."

“Our organisers were very organized, very alert to adapt to spontaneous situations. Our faculty were genuinely interested in mentorship. It is a huge priviledge to interact with such well-respected experts in our field. It was helpful to get insights from research experts on their work but also their feedback on my poster. The quality of lectures and discussion was beyond my expectation, our discussions were highly intellectual, well-informed. I hope that this course continues to be held for future generations to train young scientists to not only be rigorous in science, but to build a strong community to become experts in stem cell biology to serve humanity. ”

“Very good atmosphere with delegates and PIs. From basic research to clinical trials – great introductions followed by more recent data in the field. There was plenty of opportunities to discuss any of the sessions (small group discussions etc). I received a good overview of the field and learned a lot about other areas eg developmental biology.”

"More than fulfilled expectations. This course is excellent. I enjoyed the diversity in science topics and also those not purely academic eg science communication and non-academic careers."

“What is the European Summer School in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine? It's a place of science, gathering world famous scientists together with young researchers. If you want to learn from those geniuses, if you want to expand your network from early-stage of your career, or if you want to keep up with the latest and most advanced progress of field-related research. Come and join the course. Those mentioned above are only part of its advantages and I'm sure you will be surprised by this one week amazing experience.”

“This course is legendary within the stem cell community - best faculty, best students, best island!

“The Hydra Summer School was a great opportunity for me, at the end of my PhD, to take a step back from my specific research project, get a bird's eye view of the field, and reconsider the important biological questions that remain unanswered in stem cell research. All presentations and discussions explored and questioned fundamental concepts in stem cell biology, creating a constructive discussion that challenged our current knowledge. Students at all stages of their career can certainly benefit from the expertise showed during this programme.”

"Spending a week on a Greek island, sun, swimming, friends. What could be better, right? Science. Definately a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and interact with top researchers in the world. Meeting peers working in your own field and getting some ideas on projects. Also making friends."

"It was a great experience, both as a scientist, and as a person. The ability to exchange with both internationally recognised experts in the field, and with students from many different countries was greatly enriching and informative. It was a picture of the state of the art in stem cell studies, and an awesome human experience. I wish that all my colleagues could be a part of such a great event."

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