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European Summer School on Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Information for Delegates

Please visit the following page for information on the course rules regarding COVID-19:

Poster Format

All Summer School students present a poster.


The poster should be created in A0 portrait format.


Please do not bring landscape posters. 


The posters will be mounted with pins. Students will be responsible for mounting their own posters at the correct time. Information about this will be provided in the delegate pack. 

If you would prefer to get your poster printed on Hydra island and collect it when you are there (rather than carry it on the plane) please contact the island's print shop which is called Irida,, Tel 00302298054022

Delegate Pack

A delegate pack will be sent to all delegates electronically one week before the school starts


The Organisers will not be providing a printed copy of the delegate pack.


If you wish you wish to have a printed copy of the delegate pack please print it yourself and bring it with you. The course no longer provides printed copies to reduce print and shipping costs (which helps keep the delegate fee lower) and also to reduce paper wastage. 

Packing List

Below are some helpful hints on what you might need to include (based on feedback from previous delegates!!)

Practical Items for the Course


The organisers do not provide a notepad or writing paper.

Notepads can be purchased on the island from a shop called Irida


The organisers do not provide pens. Pens can be purchased on the island from a shop called Irida. 


Re-usable water bottle

The island does not have drinking water from the tap. Water is provided but to save using disposable plastic cups delegates are asked to bring a water bottle that they can re-fill. 

Small bag

The course does not provide a bag. You may wish to bring a small, lightweight bag with you. 


Swimming Costume

There are lots of places to swim on Hydra. You will also need to bring a swimming towel with you as the accommodation does not provide these.

Jumper/warm clothing

The course is held at the end of the summer season. Most evenings are really lovely and warm but occasionally it can get quite windy so some people may wish to bring a warmer item of clothing for the evening


Shoes for walking

The island is very beautiful and it is possible to walk around it. It is, however, very stony and some of the paths outside Hydra town are not suitable for sandals and light footwear. If you want to go walking in your free time we suggest bringing trainers or similar. 

Simple medical kit

We suggest you bring plasters (for blisters), sunscreen, and antiseptic wipes and painkillers with you.  These can be bought on the island if you need them. 

Practical information about the island

Food and Drink

There are numerous grocery stores around the island where you can by standard items like bread, milk, fruit and daily essentials. 

There are a huge number of cafes/restaurants on the waterfront where you can buy meals. 

There are also a couple of places where you can get takeway food which are relatively cheap. 

There are a couple of good bakeries selling cakes and bread. 

Medical issues

Common medical issues that have occurred in the past are: 

  • sore feet and blisters from inappropriate footwear

  • Sea urchin prickles in the skin from swimming too close to the rocks and putting hands/feet on the black urchins that live on them.

  • sunburn

There is a pharmacy on the island and also a medical centre for small injury cases. 

Wifi ​/ phone signal

There is wifi at all of the hotels but it is not high-speed. There is reasonable phone signal throughout the island. 

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